The 5 Best A/C Tips for Summer

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Gearing your A/C up for summer does not require a great deal of time and energy. However, since A/C systems consume up to 30 percent more energy if they aren’t properly prepared, doing so is necessary to ensure it will operate efficiently throughout the particularly hot weeks of the summer. To prepare your home’s cooling system for summer, and to save you from those dreaded high energy bills, we at Mason Heating & Air recommend the following:

Our 5 A/C Tips For Summer:

1. Renew Air Filters

Because an A/C system has to work harder to keep your home cool when the air cannot flow through it, clogged up air filters are a direct cause of reduced cooling capacities and higher electricity bills. The tiny particles that get caught in these old air filters decrease indoor air quality as they are forced out with the cooled air. They can also create damage to the system. Furthermore, because they collect dust, dirt, and other particles rather quickly, homeowners should wash them frequently, particularly during the summer.

The bottom line is that air filters must be replaced regularly. Do this monthly throughout the summer when they are used so much more.

2. Obstructions and Air Leakage

Obstructions in ductwork, and air leakage, can reduce airflow, so make sure to inspect your ducts and their connectors for loose spots and damage every summer. Also inspect the blower parts, because the system’s performance can decrease by 15 percent if they are not properly set. If you own a fireplace, secure the damper to limit any cool air from getting out. Lastly, check your walls, windows, and doors for air leakage that allows warm air inside and letting cool air escape outside. Be sure to seal any leaks you encounter.

3. Compressors and Coils

Investigate your coils and compressors, and the area around them. If you have any dust, dirt, debris, and plant matter like leaves and twigs encircling the exterior unit, clean them away. Be mindful to keep the space encompassing the evaporator and A/C coils clean, because debris accumulation can get into the system and lead to damage. Moreover, systematically clean the coils and condenser, even if they’re indoors. Dirty A/C coils can undermine the efficiency of your system and cause energy costs to spike. If the exterior unit is not sustained, the added stress on the system can create overheating and decrease its lifespan.

4. Review Your Thermostat

Review your thermostat’s accuracy along with your other furnace system controls to ensure they are in order, especially the starting cycle. Now is a good time to think about upgrading to a smart thermostat or programmable thermostat, if you haven’t already because they allow different temperature settings to be automated throughout the day. Smart thermostats can commence the cooling process shortly before you arrive home from your job, staying off while you are away from home to save energy, making your home cool when you get there. Be mindful that some thermostats like this can be adjusted remotely from your smartphone, so you can change your settings on the go.

5. Preventative A/C Maintenance is Essential

Although the end of springtime is the best time to call one of our trusted HVAC technicians to inspect and service your system, it’s always better late than never. Our highly-skilled, affordable, technicians can fix the electrical connections, examine fuses and circuit breakers and repair any bad or outdated wiring. They can also check and recharge cooling refrigerant levels if required. Too much (or too little) refrigerant can decrease performance. During the appointment, our technicians also lubricate moving components, look for damage in hoses and condensate drains, and more. When we discover damage or other issues, we can perform repairs on the spot to keep your cooling system summer-ready hassle-free.


It’s never too late to have your A/C inspected and prepped for the rest of the summer. We’d love to hear from you!

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