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Indoor Air Quality and home comfort go hand in hand, and as such, Mason Heating & Air has a wide selection of products and services for Southwest Ohio area homeowners to improve residential air quality, creating a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment for all. Indoor air quality is all the more important now, post-Covid, considering how much more time we spend at home. We at Mason Heating & Air realize this and thus, we offer products that handle not just the obvious sources of air pollution—those that come from cooking, cleaning, and daily activities, but also the not so obvious— harmful things like bacteria, viruses, and mold, that can be found in our air supply.

Be mindful of the air quality in your home, whether you live alone or with family. At Mason Heating & Air, we offer air quality testing to check for carbon monoxide, radon, and other deadly gases, using products like the iWave-R, Blue-Tube UV Lights, and air purification to target these dangers. We have humidity control systems to manage humidity levels and also offer smart thermostats, which are compatible with IAQ products, are smart-home friendly, and help manage your air quality and comfort level.
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What is Indoor Air Quality?

What is Indoor Air Quality?

“Indoor Air Quality”, as the term suggests, refers to the quality of air inside buildings and structures in relation to the health and comfort of the occupants. This includes people living at home as well as people visiting and staying. National studies conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency report that indoor air can be three to five times more polluted than outdoor air. Aside from certain things being used in homes, this apparent increase in indoor air pollution is likely due to modern-day building practices designed to save money. To be more energy efficient in keeping heated and cooled air inside, today’s homes are built airtight with more insulation than ever. 

As a result, these homes don’t have natural ventilation to bring in fresh air. Meanwhile, everyday living generates airborne contaminants like dirt, dust, and dander. Homeowners should be aware of this and other pollutants in food preparation, and from the use of cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products. Different kinds of pollutants can become trapped and get recirculated through the home’s air ducts due to poor ventilation. To improve air quality, Mason Heating & Air offers a wide range of products and services that work alongside HVAC equipment. 

Why is Indoor Air Quality Important in Mason, OH?

Numerous studies nationwide have shown that air pollution in our homes can be a greater health concern than outdoor air pollution. In fact, indoor pollutant levels are often worse than those outside the home. Essentially, the following are the three main reasons why indoor air quality is becoming a health concern in homes across the nation:

  1. The average American spends about 90% of their time indoors.
  2. Harmful chemicals present in building materials, cleaning solutions, furnishings, pesticides, cooking, smoking, and personal care products are used inside the home.
  3. Modern homes are constructed air tight and often lack adequate ventilation.

Indoor air pollution or poor indoor air quality has effects on one’s health ranging from minor to serious, and may include headaches, tiredness, nausea, dizziness, itchy nose, irritated eyes, and scratchy throat. These symptoms tend to disappear when the person leaves the building or room.

Indoor Air Quality - Why it's Important

Benefits of Good Indoor Air Quality

Home comfort and air quality go hand in hand. Mason Heating & Air goes beyond home comfort to offer healthier indoor air environments for everyone. Below are some of the benefits of suitable indoor air quality:

Lower Cost

Lowers Utility Bills

Homeowners sometimes try to keep bills low by intermittently turning on and off the air conditioner as needed. This is not recommended as it puts strain on the equipment and also makes it work harder. An AC upgrade will help improve air quality. A better running system enables you to efficiently cool your home.


Improves Sleep

Better air quality promotes good health, which means we are less likely to get sick. It also reduces stress and improves sleep and rest. Cooler temperatures enable us to sleep better since it is natural for our bodies to relax in cooler temperatures. An air conditioning unit that provides good air quality goes a long way. 


Healthier Home Environment

Having clean air is often taken for granted. However, this changes quickly once we discover an air quality problem in our homes. Increased air pollution in our homes makes us more susceptible to allergies, asthma, and other ailments. Even minute amounts of indoor pollution can affect our well being and stress levels, preventing optimal health and energy.


Remove Pollutants & Allergens

When we are allergic to something, it is our body’s natural way of saying it can’t tolerate whatever it is taking or breathing in. Therefore, someone with frequent exposure to airborne allergens is more likely to become ill. Proper air quality helps the body to recover correctly, enabling you to be at your best whenever you go outdoors. 

Warning Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality


Frequent Allergies & Illness

The biggest reason homeowners should examine their indoor air quality is the impact it can have on them and any other members of the household. The EPA says short-term symptoms of poor indoor air quality include eye, nose, and throat irritation, as well as fatigue, dizziness and headaches. Poor air quality in a home can also aggravate pre-existing conditions like asthma.

The long-term effects of poor indoor air quality typically only show themselves after prolonged or repeated exposure. Indoor pollutants can carry the risk of heart or respiratory disease and even cancer, although reactions to pollutants can vary from person to person. Be aware if respiratory symptoms worsen when you are inside the home than when you are outside.

Dust Buildup on Surfaces

Many airborne pollutants are heavier than air and thus, do not stay suspended or float around. Poor indoor air quality can lead to more frequent dust buildup on the surfaces around your residence. If you notice that you have to dust more often than normal, you might need to consider if your HVAC system’s air filters are adequate for your air supply.

If such is the issue, dust accumulation from poor indoor air quality is typically more pronounced in areas with better airflow. Look for dust accumulating on air vent registers and on furniture and walls near your registers. If your furnace filter is clean but you still have significant dust buildup, it may be necessary to have your ducts cleaned so as to remove anything that’s collected itself in the ductwork.

Dust Buildup
Musty Odor

Musty Odor

Musty odors are telltale signs of mold growth. If the odor is stronger around your vent registers or while your HVAC system is running, it is a major red flag. The musty odor that mold produces is caused by the release of organic microbial compounds that are volatile as they grow. Exposure to these compounds can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and fatigue. Mold can lead to more complicated health issues, so immediate action needs to be taken if this issue is suspected.

Air Circulation Problems

Air has to pass through your HVAC unit to get filtered and purified before entering the rooms of your house. Problems such as low airflow from your vents or air leaks in your ductwork increase the airborne contaminants in your home as well as affect indoor humidity levels.

Air that enters your ducts because of a leak is not purified because it doesn’t go through the air filter. Similarly, this air doesn’t pass through your A/C or dehumidifier. Humidity issues can lead to dry, itchy skin and worsen the symptoms of conditions like eczema. Poor airflow could be due to a bad blower fan. The fan speed setting may be wrong, or the air handler may be improperly sized. Whatever the reason, give us a call at once if you have airflow problems. We can help eliminate its effects on your comfort and indoor air quality at home.

Air Circulation

General Indoor Air Quality Frequently Asked Questions

At Mason Heating & Air, we’re family-owned and we’re part of the Five Star Heating & Cooling Group Family, which means more benefits passed along to our loyal customers. We strive to make your experience as quick, easy, and painless as possible, and one that you’ll tell your family and friends about. Call us today at (513) 496-2477 to answer any of your HVAC questions in Mason, Ohio.

What are symptoms due to poor indoor air quality?

Symptoms of poor indoor air quality include health issues such as fatigue, shortness of breath, inflamed sinuses, headache, dryness, shortness of breath, and dizziness. Unusual odors are another sign of poor air quality in addition to the need for replacement air filters a lot more often than normal. Other symptoms may be related to humidity levels and include static electricity and problems sleeping.

How can I improve indoor air quality?

First, test your air quality. Second, look at source control. Typically, the most effective way to improve indoor air quality is removal of individual sources of air pollution in the home or at least, reduce their emissions. Some sources such as those containing asbestos, can be enclosed or sealed. Other sources, such as gas stoves, can be adjusted to reduce the amount of emissions.

Why is indoor air quality so important?

When we breathe polluted air, harmful substances get into our lungs which in turn, can enter the bloodstream and be carried to our internal organs such as the brain. This may cause severe health issues like asthma, cardiovascular diseases, breathing problems, and even cancer. Over time, if air quality is poor enough, it can reduce one’s lifespan and quality of life.

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At Mason Heating & Air, we offer our customers in Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding areas several credit options and special HVAC financing options to fit any budget regardless of your credit score. Keep in mind; there are certain things within your household that you should not DIY, and when it comes to your home’s HVAC system, it’s best to trust the experts. If you are struggling to find affordable financing for your HVAC repair or installation, we encourage homeowners to contact Mason Heating & Air and check out our financing options. 

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