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Homeowners: Don’t allow your heating system to surprise you this winter and leave you out in the cold. There are common signs that your heating system is running into problems. If you find them early on, you can usually save money in the long run. However, Mason Heating & Air is here if and when you need Furnace Maintenance, and Furnace Installation + Replacement. Mason Heating & Air has got you covered if you happen to need any furnace repair work, emergency or non-emergency. If you find your furnace isn’t turning on, we’re here to help if you can’t fix the problem yourself. Call us today If you’re ready to have a seasoned, licensed HVAC technician examine your heater.
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Signs You Need a Heating Repair in Mason, Ohio

Once the weather becomes wintry, homeowners rely on their furnaces to keep their home comfortable and to avoid seasonal problems like frozen pipes. However, because your furnace sits idle, or off, for at least half of the year, the unit can be compromised without you even realizing it. After a problem arises with your unit, it’s vital to schedule furnace servicing as quickly as possible. Here are some signs that you’re in need of heating repair:


  1. Loud or Strange Noises
  2. Low Air Flow
  3. Abnormal odor coming from the furnace
  4. Hot and Cold Spots In the House
  5. High Energy/Utility Bills
  6. Difficulty or Non-Starting of the Unit
  7. Blower Fan Continuously Running
  8. Discolored pilot light (it should be blue, not yellow)

When to Repair vs. When to Replace Your Heating System in Mason, OH

The majority of furnaces and boilers have a life expectancy of roughly 15 to 20 years. That being said, homeowners who keep up with annual maintenance usually find their systems to be more durable. If your heating system is nearing its expiration date, it’s crucial to start paying attention to the symptoms. We always advise our customers not to wait until it’s too late. Symptoms You Might Need to Replace Your Heating Equipment:

The most common “red flags” that homeowners should keep an eye out for as their heating equipment ages are:

  1. Visible damage on the unit
  2. Uneven heat flow
  3. Rising energy bills
  4. Humidity problems
  5. Strange noises
  6. Increase in allergens

Every single one of these factors can indicate that your system isn’t working as efficiently—or as safely—as it should be. Perhaps an obvious indicator is if you’ve had to contact a repair team more often than normal—it may be yet another sign that it’s time to replace your heating system. Mason Heating & Air is here to help. Call us today If you’re ready to have a seasoned, licensed HVAC technician examine your heater

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At Mason Heating & Air, we offer our customers in Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding areas several credit options and special HVAC financing options to fit any budget regardless of your credit score. Keep in mind; there are certain things within your household that you should not DIY, and when it comes to your home’s HVAC system, it’s best to trust the experts. If you are struggling to find affordable financing for your HVAC repair or installation, we encourage homeowners to contact Mason Heating & Air and check out our financing options. 

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When you schedule services with Mason Heating & Air, you’re guaranteed that we’ll show up on time with a service van fully stocked with all the latest in HVAC technology. We come prepared to repair or replace virtually all system parts, including blowers, switches, pilot lights, control boards, air filters, heat exchangers, heat strips, and more!

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