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Do you think a new air conditioner installation could save you money in the long run? Keep these indicators in mind when thinking of future air conditioner savings: How frequently does a repair technician have to come and repair or maintain your system? How expensive is your utility bill? If you find each of these numbers to be high, then you’re most likely right − you will save money by having a new air conditioner installed. In addition to Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement, we can also help with your A/C Repair and A/C upkeep with our A/C Maintenance. Call us right away if you’d like to learn more! We have seasoned, licensed HVAC technicians ready to come out and examine your system. We at Mason Heating & Air provide all the HVAC services you need. Call us today for a free estimate! Whether you know you need a new A/C or are thinking of upgrading or replacing your current one, with our free HVAC Estimates, you can make sure you are fully prepared before you replace your Air Conditioner.
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AC Installation in Mason, Ohio

Signs You Need to Replace vs. Repair Your A/C in Mason, OH

Sometimes it’s difficult for homeowners to determine if their air conditioner needs replaced or simply repaired. While taking into consideration the overall costs of repairs, in the long run, we at Mason Heating & Air encourage homeowners to consider some other factors on whether it’s time for a new AC. We have seasoned, licensed HVAC technicians ready to come out and examine your system. 

  1. Is there adequate airflow?
  2. Does your unit make unusual sounds?
  3. Are there warm “zones” in your home?
  4. Does your AC take longer to cool your home?
  5. Does your home feel cool enough?
  6. Do you notice water leakage in or around the unit?

We Make the A/C Installation & Replacement Process Easy in Mason, OH

At Mason Heating & Air, we make the entire installation process a fast, easy, and affordable one that provides our customers with a Five Star experience. We are a Five Star Rated family company that values each and every one of our customers as if they were a member of our own family. We at Mason Heating & Air are a Five Star Rated business which values our customers as if they were a member of our own family. We offer the best technology and products with the highest level of professionalism, quality, and service. Experience the Five Star Difference with Mason Heating & Air!

  1. Free estimates
  2. Friendly customer service
  3. High-quality products
  4. Competitive pricing
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Why Should I Choose Mason Heating & Air?

At Mason Heating & Air, we’re family-owned and we’re part of the Five Star Heating & Cooling Group Family, which means more benefits passed along to our loyal customers. We strive to make your experience as quick, easy, and painless as possible, and one that you’ll tell your family and friends about. By working with us, you’ll see how seriously we take your family’s comfort when it comes to your HVAC. Having a proficient heating system comes with its own perks, too. Experience the Five Star Difference with Mason Heating & Air!


  • Customer Service Guarantee
  • Customer Focused Hours
  • Certified & Trustworthy Technicians
  • Highest Quality Products
  • Best Price Guarantee

HVAC Financing

Buy Today, Pay Over Time With HVAC Financing in Cincinnati, OH. 

At Mason Heating & Air, we offer our customers in Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding areas several credit options and special HVAC financing options to fit any budget regardless of your credit score. Keep in mind; there are certain things within your household that you should not DIY, and when it comes to your home’s HVAC system, it’s best to trust the experts. If you are struggling to find affordable financing for your HVAC repair or installation, we encourage homeowners to contact Mason Heating & Air and check out our financing options. 

Financing in Mason, OH

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Our Vans Are Fully Equipped.

When you schedule services with Mason Heating & Air, you’re guaranteed that we’ll show up on time with a service van fully stocked with all the latest in HVAC technology. We come prepared to repair or replace virtually all system parts, including blowers, switches, pilot lights, control boards, air filters, heat exchangers, heat strips, and more!

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