It Isn’t Too Late for An A/C Tune-Up

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Although summer involves festivities, cook-outs, fireworks, and other outdoor fun, it also means sweltering heat here in Ohio. We are talking about these weeks when it gets so hot outside it sends the best of us rushing back indoors to cool off in the havens afforded to us by our beloved A/C’s. Recognizing this, the only question remaining is: Is your home cooling system prepared for the hottest days of summer? If you aren’t sure, or if you know you still need it, now is still a good time for a tune-up. Even with summer already underway, it’s not too late to get your air conditioner tuned-up to guarantee it keeps you nice and cool during these final hot months ahead.

With our many years of distinguished customer service, we assure you that even late maintenance is better than no maintenance at all. To help you recognize a few of the great perks of this service, we at Mason Heating & Air present the following:

Why A/C Maintenance So Crucial

Most homeowners living in Ohio realize how hot and humid the days can get and how essential a working A/C is to provide us with cool refuge from the heat. As such, one of the most important things you can do to keep your system in prime working order for years to come is to be consistent in having annual maintenance conducted. We can’t emphasize this enough. Even if this maintenance comes a little later than common, it’s better late than never. Below we present a few reasons why maintenance is such a wise investment.

Identify minor problems before they become major.

Maintenance is ordinarily done before the summer heat arrives in full force for a reason: It allows our technicians to catch any minor concerns (like bolts starting to come loose, low levels of refrigerant, or a bad air filter) before these issues become worse. It is essential to prevent these little issues from worsening into bigger problems because bigger problems cost more to fix and can leave you without service in the scorching heat.

Heightened energy efficiency.

The types of repairs, adjustments, and cleanings that we conduct routinely in any maintenance appointment will enable your A/C to function at a greater level of efficiency. Because your system will not have to struggle with things like poor airflow or dusty evaporator coils to do its job, it will require a lot less energy to keep everything cool. This means significant money savings on energy bills while prolonging your unit’s lifespan.

Increasing your unit’s life expectancy.

Maintenance, even if performed later in the season, is going to enable your system to run more efficiently and productively, making its job a lot easier while minimizing the wear and tear it endures throughout the season. That reduction in wear and tear makes a big difference over time. It will not only make your A/C’s life easier, but it will also make it last considerably longer. Compare the minor cost of maintenance to the price of a new system or the average cost for repairs and it’s easy to see the benefits. 

Substantial money savings.

Although maintenance needs to be done once a year, it is still substantially easier, faster, and more affordable than having repairs done. By reducing the need for repairs, increasing productivity/energy efficiency, and making your current system last longer, routine maintenance saves you more money with fewer headaches (in the heat) in the long term. We often tell our readers: “It always pays off to be proactive with any HVAC system, rather than reactive.”


It’s easy to understand (and appreciate) the various ways regular maintenance has a positive impact on your A/C system. If you’re scheduling your maintenance a little later than everyone else, don’t fret. Give us a call!  It’s always better to have it done late in the season than not having it done at all. If you’d like to make an appointment, or if you’d like more information, please call Mason Heating & Air at 513-496-2477, or schedule an appointment right now by clicking here!

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