A/C Frequently Ask Questions

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A home cooling system can be challenging to learn and understand. Nevertheless, there are multiple things that need to be done on a semi-regular basis to extend the life cycle of your AC system. So your system has the longest life possible, it is essential to take exceptional care of your unit. To assist, our friendly and knowledgeable technicians at Mason Heating & Air have given us some of the regularly asked questions and their answers.

What is the Meaning of HVAC?

These characters symbolize the most important roles of your home’s HVAC system. They stand for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Even though they are not included in the acronym, other HVAC necessary equipment is located in your home, including your furnace, heat pump, ductwork, indoor air quality components (air filters, humidifiers, and purifiers), and your thermostat. Regardless, in this article, we will be concentrating on the A/C duties of your home HVAC system. 

When/Why Should I Replace My Air Filter? 

The Air Conditioner filter is in charge of catching the particles that pass through the system so they don’t circulate back into your home. On average, the air filter must be replaced at least once every three months. This helps the filter stay clean and keep dust and dirt out of your clean air.

My AC is Making an Odd Sound? 

An Air Conditioner needs to make some noise to function properly. On the other hand, if this noise is strong or harsh, there may be an issue within the AC unit. If this sound persists, contact *brand* and schedule an appointment immediately. Be aware that if this issue is not fixed sooner rather than later, it could be terrible for you and your system, leading to expensive costs to correct what’s wrong.

When is the Best Time to Replace my AC unit?

On the bright side, an A/C system regularly lasts fifteen to twenty years. Considering you keep up with the system’s necessary care. However, if you are thinking about upgrading your AC system, We suggest you do your research. It is essential to consider your specific lifestyle when choosing the best AC unit for your home. Some common questions to ask yourself are:

  • How old is the current system I own?
  • How regularly do I use your central air?
  • Have I maintained my system on a regular basis?

You Can Reduce Your Energy Output and Save Money. 

More often than not, a considerable amount of your home’s energy is used solely by your HVAC system. But there are some ways you can save money while decreasing your energy output. The most common methods are:

  1. Investing in a smart thermostat
  2. Complete an in-home energy audit
  3.  Scheduling regular maintenance on your system

If you take advantage of these three resources, each one can help lower the energy output while saving money by reducing your monthly utility bills. 

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