3 Advantages of Preventative A/C Maintenance

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The beloved air conditioners in our homes and businesses aren’t merely responsible for keeping us nice and comfy throughout the hottest times of the year. They’re equally responsible for the quality of the air we breathe in day in and day out. Join this aspect with the costs associated with energy consumption, installation, and repairs for keeping it operating over the years, and it is plain to see why it is so important that our A/C’s keep performing optimally. And these are only a few reasons why we need preventive A/C maintenance on a seasonal basis to ensure our systems function at their best. 

Standard, routine, preventative A/C maintenance is a profoundly fast, affordable and easy way to ensure your system operates at peak efficiency. 

In this blog, we at Mason Heating & Air discuss three of the top benefits of standard preventive A/C maintenance.

Top 3 Advantages of Preventive A/C Maintenance

1) Big Money Savings

If your air conditioner’s parts aren’t operating correctly, it will consume more energy to keep running. And there’s a slew of reasons why an A/C might not be operating correctly. To prevent many of these types of problems from occurring, we strongly advocate that homeowners regularly perform preventative A/C maintenance to minimize the stress and strain on your A/C. This saves you energy and money. Allowing one of our team members to perform said maintenance can also help us diagnose any minor issues before they advance into larger problems that can create breakdowns and necessitate high-priced repairs.

One example of this is your air filter. When you replace your air filters regularly, dust and other small particles won’t accumulate and restrain the flow of air going through your unit. Your air conditioner will run better as a consequence. However, forgetting to replace that filter, along with the insufficiency of frequent A/C maintenance, allows those dust, dirt, and other tiny particles to prevent free airflow and diminish the cooling function of the system. 

2) Cool Comfort

In conjunction with any regular preventative A/C maintenance appointment, one of our highly-qualified technicians will rigorously examine all the basic parts of your cooling system. We are quick to identify any defects or issues that could become of interest. With your system functioning at its best, you and your family will have the comfort you deserve every day within your home. You will prevent, as many of our customers do, the snares of unanticipated breakdowns when it’s the worst of times, which we all know tends to happen during those really hot days of summer.

3) Optimal Air Quality

Our friendly technicians are highly-skilled and trained on all varieties of A/C systems. During our maintenance visits, we clean out the dust, dirt, and other tiny particles that tend to build up within the unit. As this stuff gathers over time, it finds its way into your duct system. From there, it circulates into the air throughout your home. If this is left unchecked, soon you might need an air duct cleaning or other expenditures.


To stop high-priced breakdowns and repairs, increase the life of your cooling system, and promote home comfort and indoor air quality, give us a call today!

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