As the bright season of early spring begins, so does warm weather – a much-awaited change after long, drawn-out winter weather. However, it also brings high levels of humidity, which can be both uncomfortable and unhealthy if left unchecked. At Mason Heating & Air, we prioritize your well-being and want to equip you with knowledge on how to effectively combat rising moisture in the air by introducing dehumidifiers into your house environment as needed. To learn more about this topic thoroughly, please keep reading! 


Why is extra moisture in the air a problem? Your question is astute – when the relative humidity inside a home reaches higher levels, it creates an environment that can corrode air quality and affect occupants’ health. Additionally, high humidity leads to more wear-and-tear on housing materials, fixtures, furniture, and other components of your abode. 


Health Benefits:    

Your family’s well-being is of utmost importance to us, so it’s essential that you keep a balanced humidity level in your home. An imbalance can have serious consequences — let’s dig deeper into why this matters. 

With the right conditions, mold and mildew can quickly spread in homes. Many people don’t realize how harmful these fungi are until it is too late. Mold hides away in unseen areas such as walls and ceiling tiles; so, it’s essential to learn how humidity encourages growth before its spores permeate your house. Taking preventative action to reduce moisture levels in your home is key not only for avoiding unpleasant smells but also for safeguarding your family from health risks! Guaranteeing the air quality in your home is essential for supporting the well-being of your family, so controlling humidity levels should be a top priority. On top of that, those with respiratory conditions like allergies and asthma can get much-needed relief by investing in an effective whole-house dehumidifier system. 

House Benefits:    

To spare yourself from costly repairs in the future, it is essential that you install a whole-home dehumidifier to work with your HVAC system. High levels of humidity can lead to warped and damaged trim, doors, ceiling tiles, and other surfaces due to their expansion; yet this unfortunate outcome could have been avoided if proper preventative measures were taken! Investing in quality dehumidification today will not only restore balance back into your home but also save you money on expensive repairs later down the road. 

Household Benefits:    

Do you have any beloved heirlooms, collector’s items, books, or artwork that deserve to be safeguarded from the damaging effects of mold and humidity? It is a common desire among homeowners to protect their possessions. Yet when humidity levels become too high in a home, it can cause serious harm, jeopardizing all your treasured belongings! 

Protect your home, as well as your belongings, from excessive moisture damage by using a whole-home dehumidifier. This can help restore normal indoor air quality (IAQ) levels and safeguard your belongings against long-term destruction.  


If you think that your home might have excessive humidity, here are a few good indicators to look out for:  

  • Pay attention to any unfamiliar or foul odors that you come across. 
  • Look for any signs of mildew or mold.  
  • Stay vigilant and keep an eye out for signs of water damage. 
  • Monitor condensation buildup on windows and doors.  
  • Make sure to check your wooden furniture, trimming, doors, walls, and ceilings for any signs of rot or warping that may indicate damage. 


Through the use of a fan, a dehumidifier pulls in warm air from its surroundings. The moist air then comes into contact with the inner coils within the contraption to separate moisture and cool down the temperature. As water droplets are removed from the air, they condense into liquid form in order to fill up an incorporated reservoir before dryer air is circulated back throughout your living space. As a side note, not only does a dehumidifier eradicate surplus moisture in the air, but it also reduces your HVAC system’s workload, enabling it to operate optimally. It is an advantageous solution for all! 

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