What Should You Do If Your A/C Goes Out This Summer?    

Aug 16, 2022 | Uncategorized

Has your air conditioning system ever given you trouble and suddenly stopped working?  If so, did you know the basic troubleshooting steps that were safe to practice? If you didn’t or you’d like to know and prepare ahead for the future in case this were to happen, keep reading!  Preventative maintenance and upkeep are crucial. But storms, power surges, and unfortunate circumstances can happen, therefore we think it’s best to be prepared for the unexpected. When situations like this happen, we understand how frustrating it can be, so we want to do what we can to help enable you, so you know what steps are safe to practice if your A/C were to go out this summer. Here are some points from your Mason Heating & Air experts. 

What Are Some Safe Steps To Try If Your A/C Were To Go Out This Summer?  

The batteries on a thermostat are the first thing you should check if your A/C stops operating suddenly. If the thermostat’s batteries are low or almost expired, it may be unable to properly communicate with your air conditioning system. However, if the batteries are good, continue to the next basic troubleshooting step: inspecting the circuit breaker. You never know whether a circuit breaker has flipped without noticing it, and this may very well be the answer to your A/C issues. 

If checking the circuit breaker doesn’t work, move on to inspecting the compressor that is located outside. The compressor is the outdoor machine that sits on the side of your home or in your backyard. Make sure no structural damage or harm has occurred to this device. It’s possible that a tree branch, outdoor object, or even loose debris (i.e., twigs or leaves) have fallen onto the compressor or gotten caught in its fan blades. In addition, keep in mind that the compressor makes a buzzing noise when it is functioning as it should be. So, if you hear an unusual sound currently coming from the compressor, you should get in touch with a knowledgeable HVAC company like Mason Heating & Air immediately. 

What Are Some Things That Are NOT Safe To Try If Your A/C Were To Go Out This Summer? 

Your air conditioner is a sophisticated machine that maintains temperature and comfort in your house by circulating cool air. As a result, we don’t suggest doing anything that might jeopardize your A/C system. You may be frustrated without a functioning A/C unit, but unless you’re a licensed HVAC technician, we don’t recommend doing major repairs or extensive troubleshooting on your system. Do-it-yourself repairs might result in additional serious issues being generated one after the other. Of course, this can create an undesirable snowball effect and end up being costly. But the main reason we do not recommend doing a DIY repair is there are many safety concerns that can surface from performing them. It is best not to take the chance and instead hire a professional HVAC technician rather than attempting it yourself.  

When you’re waiting for your HVAC professional to arrive at your home, it’s natural to want to keep cool. But you should avoid opening windows or the external doors to your home. Opening these will just accelerate the process of your home overheating. You should also stay away from using heat-producing appliances such as your stove, dishwasher, or dryer during this time. Finally, do not try opening your kitchen freezer to get cooler air and gain a bit of relief. It is not worth the risk of spoiling your frozen foods! 

Be ready. Stay prepared. This way, you won’t find yourself stuck in a tricky predicament. Furthermore, keep in mind that you don’t have to tackle your HVAC issues all by yourself. Mason Heating & Air is here to assist in any way we can and help lighten the load! We are proud to say we provide emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. So, if you have a need call us at (513) 496-2477, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here