What Is the Most Energy-Efficient Furnace Setting?

Jan 28, 2022 | Uncategorized

Some people like a warm home, and some prefer their home on the colder side. Regardless of your temperature preferences, we want our customers to have a furnace that will save on cost each month. Keep in mind gas furnaces, water heaters, and boilers are some of the most significant energy users in many homes. Unfortunately, many older models waste a considerable amount of energy. So when it comes to your residential furnace, our technicians at Mason Heating & Air wanted to take the time to help homeowners find thermostats that will help keep up with their home’s needs. While, at the same time, saving you money on your monthly energy and utility bills.

What Are Programmable & Smart Thermostats?

Thermostats are for more than just setting and adjusting the temperature. It is made for you to control your system, making it easy to use. Many of the programmable thermostats are fancy and even come with a touchscreen. In addition, programmable thermostats give homeowners the ability to connect over WiFi. However, if that’s not your speed, some inexpensive and modern thermostats will still save energy. For example, suppose you want to ensure everyone in your home is comfortable across multiple rooms. In that case, you can purchase smart thermostats that create a schedule and automatically change the temperature. Basically, it will do the hard work for you once it’s set up. 

What Are the Benefits of a Smart Thermostat?

The benefits of a smart thermostat are motion sensors and setting your temperature to your ideal temperature from virtually anywhere, just by connecting to your phone. Moreover, it can also learn your temperature habits and follow your typical patterns. Thus automatically making all the changes you may have made on your own.

Does the Placement of Your Thermostat Matter?

Placing your thermostat in the perfect spot is vital because your thermostat is the brain of your HVAC system. You want your thermostat to have a correct temperature reading for your entire home, not just in a few rooms. It is a good idea to place your thermostat wherever the center of your walls is. This may be like a busy area in your houses, such as a hallway or living room.

We know that you want to do everything to reduce your energy costs and improve efficiency. That’s why we offer help with any of our installations which will show you where there’s room for improvement along with your best options for reducing your monthly energy bills!

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