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Throughout the cold winter months, it is important to have an emergency plan formulated for unexpected HVAC emergencies. For instance, what if a power outage occurs or your furnace fails due to extreme weather conditions and roads become impassable? Having an emergency plan enables your home to have some warmth during impossible times such as this. Join Mason Heating & Air as we provide you with some essential tips so you are prepared for unexpected situations that may arise during the remainder of the winter.  


Indoor Vents: To optimize the efficiency of your HVAC system during snowy days, confirm that all indoor vents are free from any clogs or hindrances like furniture, mats, and rugs. In addition, it’s essential that your vents are left open and that none are closed.  

Outdoor Vents: To ensure efficient airflow and maintenance, it is crucial to maintain clear exterior vents. They should not have buildup or obstructions in front of them. We suggest routinely inspecting these, especially during the winter months when snow and ice can accumulate fast. To avoid any substantial issues from occurring due to blockages, make vent clearing a part of your shoveling routine. When cleaning the outside vents, gently use either a brush or broom; this will help with removing excess buildup that may have built up during snowy weather. 

Gas Meter: Homeowners should be aware of the location of their gas meter. Taking preventative steps and planning ahead is best to avoid any mishaps. So, familiarize yourself with your meter’s position now if you are not already. Confirming it won’t become overloaded with ice or snow buildup is often overlooked by many, but it is a key step in making sure your system is set up for success. 

Heat Pump: Ohio winters are renowned for their inclement temperatures, making it necessary to also add snow removal from your outdoor heat pump to your upkeep plan. Make sure you frequently assess the amount of ice or snow on and around your outdoor heat pump, employing a brush or broom with care when removing the buildup.  

Windows: On frigid winter days, don’t forget to close your window treatments and blinds in order to retain more of the warmth inside and reduce heat loss. 


To keep your home as warm as possible while you wait for the power to return or a service professional to show up, try using these tips: 

Generator: If possible, taking the precaution of installing a backup generator is a great way to ensure that you have a backup plan during power outages. 

Portable Heater: When you’re in need of a backup heating plan, having some portable heaters on hand is an excellent solution. Although they won’t work if the power is not working, these products can provide additional warmth to your home when your furnace stops working. Plus, there are plenty of affordable options available! 

Fireplace: For optimal comfort during possible power outages or furnace malfunctions, it would be wise to store firewood, lighters, matches, and fire starters. By reserving an ample amount of wood as an emergency supply in advance, you’ll have everything ready if you ever need it. 

Extra Blankets: Are you searching for a clever way to store your blankets that aren’t frequently used? Why not compile them together and place them in an emergency tote so they are close at hand if there is ever an unexpected power outage or furnace malfunction? You’ll find it very helpful in your time of need that additional blankets are easily accessible in a designated space.

Windows: When temperatures dip below freezing, you can create an extra barrier between your windows with blankets or towels to keep the warm air inside your home; this method is especially useful during moments of crisis, such as power outages.  

Doors: When the temperature dips below freezing, be especially mindful when you open any of your home’s external doors. Not only will flood into your home and make it colder inside, but any remaining warm air still in your house may escape as well! 

Don’t wait for help when you need it most! Trust Mason Heating & Air to be there for your HVAC emergencies and needs. We work around the clock. Our 24/7 emergency service means we will always be available in your time of need! You can contact us at (513) 496-2477 or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here