Happy April Fools’ Day! Today is the day to watch out for those simple jokes and pranks; be sure you don’t let them catch you off guard! While no one really knows how this day truly started, usually, it’s a day about harmless fun, all for the sake of having a good laugh. However, as your local heating and cooling experts, Mason Heating & Air doesn’t play pranks. After all, we are not in the business of fooling anyone. So, let’s chat about some HVAC myths and set the record straight. With so much information available online, it’s tough to tell fact from fiction. Let’s dive in! 

HVAC Myth 1 – The Placement of Your Thermostat Isn’t Important 

One common HVAC myth we’ve come across is about where you put the thermostat. Some think it doesn’t really matter what location it is installed in, but that’s not true. Your thermostat reads the temperature in your home and tells your HVAC system when to start up, etc.; it helps control the airflow. So, if your thermostat is near a heat source (like a fireplace or in the line of direct sunlight) or drafty spot (like near an exterior door or a window) it could get an incorrect temperature reading, causing your HVAC system to act up and distribute air at an incorrect temperature or rate.  

As a solution, the trick is to set up thermostats on an interior wall, far from those pesky heat sources and drafts. A spot like a hallway usually fits the bill! 

HVAC Myth 2 – Setting Your Temperature Higher/Lower Helps Your System to Work Faster 

There’s this common idea floating around that adjusting your temperature setting higher or lower will speed up how quickly your home heats up or cools down. But guess what? That’s not the case. HVAC systems have their own pace for distributing air, so setting the temperature lower or higher than necessary won’t change that. No matter how you set it, reaching the desired temperature will take the same time. 

Don’t fall for this myth and waste energy by letting your home’s temperature reach a setting you don’t need. Just set your thermostat to what you like and let your HVAC system handle the rest. Furthermore, if this is a common issue for you, consider getting a smart thermostat. You can adjust the temperature remotely using your smartphone, so you’ll walk into your ideal temperature without any wait! 

HVAC Myth 3 – The Air Filters  Do Not Need to Be Changed So Often 

If you’ve heard it before, you’ve probably heard it a thousand times. Changing your air filters is important! Yet, some folks may believe otherwise and think their HVAC system’s air filters can go unchanged for long periods. But let us assure you, that’s not the case! Regular air filter changes are crucial and advantageous! Let’s break it down. Air filters are meant to trap dust and other airborne particles to keep your home’s air clean, but also keep this unwanted debris from infiltrating your HVAC system. If your air filters are left unchanged for long periods of time, you not only risk causing damage to your system but also reduce the air quality in your home.  

Combat this by changing them every 1-2 months. When you do this, you’re ensuring your indoor air quality stays top-notch. Stay safe, and keep those filters fresh! 

HVAC Myth 4 – Maintenance Appointments Are Not Necessary 

Ah, we’ve saved the best for last – preventative maintenance. Just to clarify, we mean your yearly seasonal checkups for your air conditioner and furnace. Many people think these checkups are unnecessary. But this is a myth we are here to bust! While it might seem like a typical business move to remind you to book your seasonal checkups, it’s much more than that. Your air conditioner and furnace are intricate machinery that work non-stop to keep your home comfy and livable. Just like you keep up with the required checkups for your vehicle, the same goes for your HVAC system! 

As a homeowner, you want to ensure it’s all set for success and ready to take on the upcoming weather changes. Just remember to schedule your furnace maintenance at the start of fall and your AC check at the end of spring or the beginning of summer. As a bonus, keeping up with these checks also keeps your manufacturer’s warranty valid! 

Hopefully, this HVAC blog has shed some light on the topic and helped you figure out the best path for your home and HVAC system. Sorting out what’s real and what’s not about your HVAC system can be tricky. But we’re here for you, always keeping it real and transparent. Interested in more HVAC care tips? Feel free to dive into our other blogs! 

We hope we’ve gained your trust by now and plan to keep it. Call Mason Heating & Air today for all your HVAC needs at (513) 496-2477, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!