How Can Homeowners Prepare Their AC System for a Summer Vacation?

Jun 7, 2022 | Uncategorized

More often than not, when one hears the word “summer,” the word “vacation” is usually not too far behind in terms of surfacing to one’s mind. Summer is truly a time of the year that many people look forward to. It’s the perfect mid-year break that allows many to escape to their desired location, kick their feet up and rejuvenate themselves. Your Mason Heating & Air service professionals want the best for you and your family; we want you to enjoy your vacation without worrying whether or not your AC will continue running correctly in your absence. There are far too many aspects to consider and plan when organizing a summer vacation, so let us alleviate some of the burdens by equipping you with the following tips and tricks to get your AC system in order for your upcoming vacation.

Why Is It Important to Clean the Condenser Before You Leave For Vacation?

Your outdoor unit, also known as the condenser, should be kept clean on a regular basis. Because of its outdoor location, it’s normal for it to occasionally get bogged down with dirt, pollen, and other allergens. When a condenser is filthy and goes unchecked, it can negatively affect your AC unit’s effectiveness. For instance, the indoor air quality in your home may be drastically reduced if the dirt buildup were to get sucked in with the surrounding air as the condenser fan is turned on. If this happens, the dirt particles will then get circulated throughout your home, ultimately lowering the indoor air quality. So, if you think your condenser needs cleaning, don’t hesitate to do so! You can clean it off by hosing it down with your garden hose. It is also good to remember that your condenser should not have any obstructions close to or surrounding the unit. We recommend that homeowners keep the area clear of outdoor items to prevent them from falling onto the unit. Since thunderstorms are prevalent in Ohio during the summer, it would not be ideal to come to a damaged air conditioning system simply because items in close proximity fell on the unit, causing it harm.

Why Should You Change the Air Filter Before You Leave For Vacation?

Our expert technicians recommend homeowners replace their HVAC air filters every 30-60 days. Therefore, if an air filter is not changed out as suggested, it will become overloaded and clogged, which will lead to issues with your AC system. Therefore, it is in your system’s best interest to replace your air filter before you set off for your summer getaway. You should do this, especially if it is due for a replacement when your vacation week is scheduled.

Why Should You Have Your AC Unit Serviced For the Season Before You Leave For Vacation? 

If your AC unit has yet to be serviced for its seasonal tune-up and safety check, you should call us as soon as possible to complete this before your trip. Generally, this service is recommended to be done at the beginning of the spring or summer seasons. However, if you haven’t been able to get around to this, it’s not a huge deal. Life gets crazy! But you still want to have your maintenance check done – especially before you leave and your home is left unoccupied for a time. In addition, the equipment manufacturer recommends seasonal tune-ups to ensure your system is running smoothly with no hidden issues. These checkups also consist of our NATE-certified technicians running a thorough inspection of your unit to ensure everything is functioning according to current safety regulations. So call us today, and we will get you squared away!

Why Should You Raise the Temperature On Your Thermostat Before You Leave For Vacation?

It would be beneficial to raise the thermostat’s temperature before leaving for your vacation. Suppose you had planned to turn off your air conditioner before heading out in hopes of producing more energy savings. If this is the case, we highly suggest you reconsider doing so. When an AC unit is shut off for an extended period of time, the humidity levels in your home will drastically change for the worse. When this takes place, mold and mildew are more susceptible to growing in this type of environment. In addition, raised humidity levels can wreak damage to sensitive objects such as house plants, collector’s items, art, and wine. So what should you do? Instead of turning off your air conditioning system, we recommend setting your thermostat to 80-85 degrees. Doing this will result in reduced energy consumption without compromising your household items.

Enjoy a worry-free vacation without dealing with the extra stress that comes with being a homeowner. Follow the above points so you can prepare your AC system to run at its utmost capacity. If you need any assistance from us or would like to book an appointment, Mason Heating & Air would be happy to serve as your local heating and cooling service professional. So take a chance on us and call today at (513) 496-2477, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! And last but not least, we wish you safe travels on your upcoming trip!