Frequent Furnace Questions

Dec 17, 2021 | Uncategorized

Unfortunately, unless you’re an HVAC professional, you don’t always have the answer to what is wrong with your furnace. But, there is absolutely no need to fear; the experts at Mason Heating & Air can help! This article may shed some light on some commonly asked questions about furnaces for homeowners. 

Does My Furnace Really Need a Yearly Tune-Up?

It is necessary to have your furnace tuned up each year. Not only does this help ensure a long life for your furnace, but it can also improve your furnace’s efficiency. Furnace tune-ups can also help detect early problems or already relevant damages and repair them as soon as possible.

What Is Something I Can Do on My Own To Keep Up With My Furnace Maintenance?

Unfortunately, when it comes to your furnace, there is a lot you can do on your own. So, it is best to leave to the professionals. Luckily, keeping clean air filters in your furnace could significantly impact your furnace’s efficiency. Furnace filters have to be replaced at least every three months and checked in on every month, or your furnace could be at risk for blockages or breakdowns.

Will a Modern Thermostat Improve My Furnace’s Performance?

You would be shocked how big of a difference your furnace’s efficiency would have if you had a modern thermostat. However, if your thermostat is too old or breaking down, your heating equipment will have trouble correctly operating, which can cause your utility bills to rise. It can be challenging to pick out the best-fitting thermostat for your home, but you do not have to stress; the HVAC experts at Mason Heating & Air can help!

Remember, most furnace issues can be prevented by scheduling yearly inspections for your equipment!

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